A Quick Guide to Buying New Construction Homes in Hesperia, CA

How To Make A Smart Purchase When Buying New Construction Homes In Hesperia, CA

If you’re looking to move into the Hesperia area, new construction homes are going to be a very attractive offer.  The area is booming, and there’s plenty of construction happening.  This means prices are reasonable, and you’ll have a lot of selection, in terms of location, homes, and construction contractors.

However, buying new construction homes in Hesperia, CA, is not a simple process, and you should do plenty of thought and research before you commit.  Here are a few tips for things you should do to help ensure the best outcome!

Shop Smart With New Construction Homes In Hesperia, CA

1 – Put together a great team

A new home requires the work of many people and choosing the perfect team will make everything afterward go more smoothly.  That’s why today’s top new home construction companies offer the services of a land broker to help you acquire the right piece of land, and an affiliate lender to help you get the right loan for your home. You can also work with a dedicated representative of the construction company you choose to help you through the architectural and interior design stage, and the construction process.

2 – Make a budget and stick to it

To some extent, your budget will be determined by how much you can borrow for your construction loan – but try to stay within that limit.  House construction costs can skyrocket if you start splurging on extras.  Once your budget is set, make sure your builder knows that budget, and that they should work within it.

3 – Be willing to negotiate 

Don’t take the first offers that come along.  Find a builder who’ll be willing to work with you and find ways to lower your costs.  Likewise, you need a builder who’ll pay attention when you tell them what your budgetary limits are.  You may have to spend some time haggling, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

4 – Get a guarantee in writing

Before committing to building your new home, you should have some guarantees in writing from the builder and construction company.  This should include cost limits, as well as specifying a date by which the home will be completed.  Most guarantees even income some compensation, such as discounts, if the completion day is missed.  Either way, you want this in writing, so you know you’re protected.

At Cornerstone, we believe in communication.  We want every house we build to be truly perfect for its new owner.  Contact us to discuss your dream home!