Four Features You Should Consider for Your New Hesperia Home

What Features Should You Want from New Homes in Hesperia, CA?

If you’re looking into new homes in Hesperia, CA, you’ve got almost unlimited options in what features your house will have.  New innovations in home design and layouts appear every month.  What features will be best for your home and your lifestyle?

That answer is up to you, of course – but with extensive experience building new homes in Hesperia, we know what’s hot, and what options work best for our clients.  These are a few must-have features in any new home construction.

Four Features You Should Consider for Your New Hesperia Home

1 – A luxurious shower/bathroom

Today’s new homes focus on making the shower room a miniature palace – big, spacious, and filled with amenities that could make it one of your favorite rooms in the house.  You could have multiple shower heads for different types of scrubbing and massage or install a steam shower – complete with a sound system. You can also get bathrooms with separate showers and water closets installed for convenience and privacy.

2 – A game room/home theater

Any good home needs a dedicated audio-visual room for the best in gaming and movie-watching.  These rooms don’t simply provide a high-tech refuge for your favorite pastimes.  They can be designed for maximum sound quality within the room, while also providing enough sound insulation to keep things quiet in the rest of the house.  Whether you have kids who are gamers, or you just want to enjoy your favorite films with all the comforts of a theater (and none of the annoyances) this is a must-have.

3 – A spacious dedicated laundry room

Laundry rooms typically aren’t exciting, but they can make your daily chores so much easier.  A modern laundry room offers plenty of space and storage options so that you have room to treat clothes, do ironing, or hang up items that need to air-dry.  There can even be room for a chair (mud bench/coat rack/utility sink) and other amenities, to make the work more pleasant. These days, many homes have their laundry hookups in the garage, but you can have your laundry room installed wherever you want to make the trek from the laundry room to the bedroom easier.

4 – An outdoor kitchen

We get plenty of sun year-round here in Hesperia, so it’s no wonder so many people look into adding an outdoor kitchen.  This is far more than just having a grill on the deck.  You could include a refrigerator, counter space, even sinks for cleanup.  You might not ever want to cook indoors again!

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