This is Us

"Folks, the details matter...every...detail...matters..." Chad Shaules - CEO - Cornerstone Development Company

Building the Future of Builders

Construction has been a fundamental necessity since the beginning of time. Since its conception, construction has evolved to quite literally reach the skies. At Cornerstone, we believe that two characteristics of modern-day construction define the client’s experience: Quality and Communication.

Building Quality You Can Feel

A quality-built project begins and ends with your builder stepping into your vision. It’s not enough to simply build it “per plan” To drive real quality, we must fully understand how your project looks when you shut your eyes and imagine it. Bridging the gap between your dream and a functional space is where quality meets experience. Cornerstone’s team of Builders is equally excited and equipped to accomplish this pivotal task. Delivering a quality project is the light at the end of the tunnel. The journey to our destination will be even more impactful than seeing your dream come to life.

Communication with Intentional Impact

Communication and dialogue with your builder will shape your entire perspective of the project. Even the most beautiful deliverable can be tainted by a rough ride. Our team’s primary objective is to ensure that you have a first-class experience from start to finish with transparency and weekly project updates along the way. . When people speak about who we are the words “quality” and “communication” lead the conversation. Hearing what is important to Cornerstone defines who we are in this industry!

World Change: Environmental Responsibility

As the world turns round, and round the human race continues to make a lasting impression on God’s green earth. Our impression can be positive or negative. As a Builder, Cornerstone works hard to be progressive in not just a surviving planet but a thriving planet. To minimize our footprint and maximize global sustainability, we focus on the following items:


Life’s most precious resource and a scarce one at that! If you were to add up all the water on earth, only 2.5% of that water is fresh. Of that 2.5%, 50% is frozen solid in glaciers. That means the primary element that humans are comprised of, 60% to be exact, is extremely rare! We must do everything we can to conserve water for future generations. As a Builder, we factor this in when designing and building your project. From the water trucks that keep our jobsites dust free, to the shower heads in your bathroom. Every drop counts and Cornerstone is working hard to keep water in the bucket!


Life’s greatest convenience and the world’s most relied on utility. Without electric power, most things as we know do not work. Our need for more and more power on a global level has created a crossroads in the world. Do we continue to rely on cheap and dirty ways to generate more electricity or do we work hard now for the future of our planet? Clean and renewable power is the most sustainable solution to this major issue. At Cornerstone we work hard to ensure your project is designed and built to reduce usage! We prepare you to generate your own electricity and even to become a net zero home owner!


Natural gas is a precious luxury that can be a controversial conversation. While most of the world relies on gas for heating, cooking, and cleaning, it is important to remember that any flame creates emissions. At Cornerstone we prioritize two things in this conversation: Client convenience and environmental sustainability. Being net zero may not be for you, let us steer your choices to reduce your footprint to the lowest levels possible!

Native To The Land

Development can be intrusive! Building anything on this planet creates a footprint. To reduce our footprint, Cornerstone takes a resourceful approach. Being resourceful in protecting resources of the native land is a top priority for us! From the design to the build, we work hard to consider factors including: location of the project, construction requirements, and environmental mitigation measures. While it is difficult for us to “hide among the trees”, we strive to make every project environmentally sustainable!


Meeting the ones that matter most and the end of a hard day’s work.

Our Safety

Safety is either the most or the least talked about item at a jobsite. Our team of builders is working hard to ensure every member of our team makes it home to the ones that matter most every day. By leading the way in open communication, good work practice, and stringent requirements, we have successfully worked over 150,000 hours without a single injury on a jobsite!

Your Safety

Building a quality product means that we factor in the safety of the job site as well as through the lens of your potential interactions in the space that we are building. By only allowing licensed bonded and insured contractors on your site, you will have a higher level of safety during the build.