Why Choose Us?

Every critical decision should start with the "Why?"


As a contractor we are excited to offer design/build project types. When time is of the essence we know how to build it as it’s being designed! This skill is something that is not easily learned and requires an incredible amount of forward thinking! Pouring your slabs before you have approved roofing plans can create a sticky situation! Cornerstone’s team of engineers and builders can anticipate any outcome and prepare for that as we build. This type of thinking saves you time and money!

Required Reporting

Over 35% of construction projects have a delayed opening day because they do not have active utilities turned on in time. Cornerstone Construction Company’s sister company, Cornerstone Consulting Services specializes in working with utility companies to negate this exact problem! As your builder, you will have an all-access pass to our team of consultants to ensure your project schedule is realistic and accomplished! While most other builders hope their utilities will be on in time, Cornerstone guarantees it!


Building with Cornerstone is like ordering a 5 course meal and a 5 star restaurant. The product is well displayed, well delivered, and wholesome, When building your dream, we strive to keep our ingredients pure, our process seemless, and our deliverable hot! We can’t promise that our hand’s and boots will always be clean, but we can promise to leave you and your project hiccup free!


Delivering a quality product is the light at the end of the project tunnel. The journey to our destination will be even more impactful than seeing your plans come to life. Communication and dialogue with your builder will shape your entire perspective of the project. Even the most accurate delivery can be ruined by a rough ride to your destination! Our project management team’s primary objective is to ensure that you have a first-class experience from start to finish. When you’ve got millions of dollars on the line, we answer the phone every time!